Naturopathic Pathways, LLC

5050 Blazer Parkway Suite 201
Dublin, OH 43017

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Lori Starn-Neben, ND
Naturopathic Physician


Welcome to Naturopathic Pathways, LLC, the office of Lori Starn-Neben, ND, located just northwest of Columbus in Dublin.  Naturopathic Pathways, LLC is now located inside Ascential Wellness at 5050 Blazer Parkway Suite 201 in Dublin.  Lori Starn-Neben, ND continues to offer naturopathic and homeopathic care for adults and children in Central Ohio and surrounding areas. 

Lori Starn-Neben was born and raised in Pataskala, Ohio.  As a child, she spent a lot of time outdoors and learned to appreciate nature through her parents' backgrounds in biology and plants.  After graduating high school, Lori attended Capital University and Ohio State, majoring in Biology and Psychology.  While attending Ohio State, she became interested in natural health and began researching information about nutrition and naturopathic medicine.  She changed her major to Nutrition and transferred to Bastyr University outside of Seattle, Washington to complete her Bachelor of Science Degree.  

Upon completion of her B.S. in 2001, she immediately entered the naturopathic medicine program at Bastyr University.  During her schooling, Lori completed a variety of clinic rotations and preceptorships including extra homeopathy rotations, as well as preceptorships with NDs specializing in homeopathy, pediatrics, and general family practice.  In addition, she also had the opportunity to travel to Mexico for preceptorships at the Hoxsey Clinic in Tijuana and Clinica Esperanza in Merida.  She completed her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree (ND) in 2006 and became licensed as a Naturopathic Physician in Washington State that same year.

After graduating and completing her board exams, Lori Starn-Neben, ND returned to Central Ohio, where she completed a one year residency.  She then opened Naturopathic Pathways, LLC, in her home town of Pataskala in 2008.  She practiced there for two years before moving her practice closer to Columbus.  

As a naturopathic physician, Lori's philosophy is to look at all aspects of a person's health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and to treat the person, rather than the disease or condition, because each person is an individual.  Her goal is to meet each person where they are, take the time to really listen to them, and help them achieve the best health possible.  Naturopathic Pathways, LLC is a general family practice that sees patients of all ages with a wide variety of health concerns.  Lori Starn, ND also specializes in homeopathy, mental health, gastrointestinal problems, and rheumatology.

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